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My 3d Illustration of Apple Macintosh 1984

"Hey, What Should We Use For The Group Chat?" A Guide to Facebook Messenger vs. Discord

Online group chats can be overwhelming to use and to manage. With platforms like Facebook Messenger and Discord offering different experiences, it's helpful to understand what each brings to the table. Here's a light breakdown to help you decide which might suit your group's needs best.


The Nightshade Antidote: an Ethical Battle Within AI's Privacy and Copyright Wars

A gripping digital thriller novel... About real events, that affect real people, like you. Witness the high-stakes battle of wits and code between Nightshade, a tool designed to protect artists' rights by 'poisoning' AI against image misuse, and its daring countermeasure, the Antidote. Explore how this simply highlights broader ethical dilemmas and technological challenges in this exciting saga of AI, creativity, and the quest for digital sovereignty.