Tech News: Google Domains is Dead, Acquired by Squarespace... And WordPress May Pay For One Year of Free Hosting to Transfer Your Domains Them, Instead!

The recent acquisition of Google Domains by Squarespace has sparked some uncertainties among domain owners regarding the future of their domains and pricing. In response to these concerns, WordPress has stepped forward with an incredible offer to ease the transition.

WordPress is making a bold offer!

In a surprising move, is offering to cover all transfer fees and even add an additional year of domain registration for users who choose to transfer their domains from Google Domains.

What's in the Offer?

Usually, transferring domains between registrars involves paying for an extra year of domain registration. However, is defying the norm and flipping the script. The company has pledged to absorb all transfer fees and, in a generous bonus, gift an additional year of domain registration to those who make the move.'s Stand on Pricing

In addition to its generous offer, has made a commitment to its users regarding pricing. The company promises to match or even beat Google Domains' pricing, with a further pledge to only increase prices to reflect any increased operational costs on their end.

If You Enjoy WordPress, Check Out the Offer

This is a golden opportunity for Google Domains users, who already know they enjoy the WordPress platform, looking for stability and assurances in the light of recent developments. With's limited-time offer of covering one year's domain registration and all transfer fees, it's the right time to consider making the switch.

This is a major development in the domain registration space and shows how companies like are proactively responding to industry changes to the benefit of their users. If you're a Google Domains user, you might want to consider this generous offer.

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