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Chronicles of Concentration: Melding Age-Old Techniques with Rize Apps's Modern Mastery

Education & Development, Published November 7, 2023
Explore deep work's evolution with time-blocking, Pomodoro, and Rize's innovative approach. Master focus in today's digital age with proven strategies.

(#NSFW) The World's First AI Image Generator To (Actually) Get Words Right

Branding & Design, Published November 1, 2023
AI that can generate images represents a transformative moment in the realm of creative technology. Meet this new tool, that can also understand―and even render―text for many languages, not just English.
My custom workspace which I designed, built and wired in 2017. From here I perform most of my personal tasks: writing articles, code, hacking or doing something equally spectacular. A custom passively cooled quad core Hackintosh runs smooth and remains whisper quiet, DIY monitor backlight keeps the eye strain from late night sprints at bay, a custom built DAC combined with either monitors or headphones fills the space with wondrous vibes. The mini-galaxy bulbs enclosed in terrariums symbolize “self” as being part of something grand, something bigger than life, urging one to do great things…

Win-Win: The Power of Genuine Care in Sales

Marketing, Published October 31, 2023
We are constantly bombarded with fast-paced sales pitches, catchy slogans, and relentless marketing strategies. Because of the worst of marketing that we see, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters in your own sales: genuine care and building meaningful relationships.
Spring is coming

The Editor's Thoughts: 3 Unconventional Points of a Breakthrough Digital Brand Strategy

Marketing, Published October 30, 2023
Editor Sarah Parker's thoughts, on deep digital brand strategy. Choices for your web domain and social media handles can affect your marketing long-term, for better (and for worse).

Mastering Asset Management for Agile Sales, Marketing, and More: A Game Changer for Entrepreneurs and Marketing Managers

Branding & Design, Published October 29, 2023
Just as managing physical or monetary assets is crucial in any business, 'asset management' in the professional creative world is equally significant and can be just as complex (if not more)! Surprised? Let's dive into some eye-opening scenarios.

#SaaSWatch Review - Explore Innovative Marketing SaaS Startup Rhym's UI + UX

Technology, Published September 30, 2023
Today, Sarah Parker from Kuva Media delves into the UI and UX of - the latest marketing quiz creator app that's making waves. While the majority of SaaS review videos focus on features and integrations (which we love, of course!), this video is a fresh take on SaaS reviews! We will be focusing instead on a user's first journey EVER using the app, with no practice, not watching any review videos, and not knowing anything about the app's UI.

Universal Price Hike for .com Domains: What It Means For Your .com Renewal Pricing and Purchases

Technology, Published September 2, 2023
In February 2023, VeriSign announced a 7% price increase for all .com domains starting September 1st, 2023. Learn about the impact of this decision on your domains, and explore the company's complex legal history with the nonprofit that keeps the internet regulated: ICANN.

#SaaSWatch: Google's AppSheet: Make an App For Your Business or Side Hustle With No-Code Solutions

Technology, Published August 30, 2023
You know you've always secretly wanted an app. Unlock the Power of No-Code App Building with Google AppSheet!

#SaaSWatch Review - Storipress vs. BlogHunch Blogging Platforms Software Comparison

Technology, Published August 13, 2023
Welcome to another exciting episode of #SaaSWatch, with Sarah Parker, on Kuva Media, where we dive deep into the world of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions! In today's episode, we are exploring and comparing two impressive blogging platforms, Storipress and BlogHunch.

The Great #SaaSWatch Showdown: Evaluating 7 Claim Management Tools for Public Adjusters

Technology, Published August 13, 2023
Navigating the world of Software as a Service (SaaS) can feel like venturing into a vast wilderness without a map. With each software developer promising the moon and stars, it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters: finding the right tool for your unique needs, based on reviews from actual public insurance adjusters, like you.

Boosting $ales with Effective Logos: Essentials and 7 Types Explored

Branding & Design, Published August 6, 2023
A logo is not just a decorative element but a powerful sales tool. It is the face of a company that drives brand recognition and customer loyalty, contributing significantly to the company's sales growth. Let's delve into the world of logos, their critical role in sales, and their different types that can help escalate your business growth.

Sarah's #CodeShare: Change Word Placement, After Every Page Refresh (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS)

Technology, Published August 5, 2023
In the realm of web design and development, the ability to surprise and delight users with interactive and dynamic elements can add an extra layer of engagement to your website. Get the CodePen for this code, and learn with me, as I stumble, grow, and succeed in my front-end coding skills!