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EU Enacts AI Law, YouTube Responds With AI-Generated Content Disclaimers, Pennsylvania Follows Suit

Technology, Published March 19, 2024
Disclosures for AI-generated content are here! Read this article to learn more.
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New Top-Level Domains Available, Including a Web3 (Blockchain) Option

Technology, Published March 14, 2024
With the introduction of (even more) new domain extensions this month, there's never been a better time to tailor your website's address to reflect what you're truly passionate about.
Time is Precious. 

Many photographers like myself are being impacted by #COVID19. Cancelled bookings, loss of clients, isolation, distancing... it's a tough time for all of us. 

Decided to spend some time going through my archives and found this shot, taken from Gastown in Vancouver, BC. 

As scary as this time is, I'm grateful for the time I'm now able to spend with my girlfriend and two dogs. I'm grateful for the time I get to spend talking to my parents on Facetime. I'm grateful for the time to rethink, re-evaluate and reprioritize my life. πŸ™

Time, is Currency

Education & Development, Published March 11, 2024
Time, unlike money, is a non-renewable resource. Speed is often equated with success, the adage "time is money" has never been more relevant. However, a more nuanced understanding is that time is not just money; it's a currency in its own right. The perspective explored in this article shifts how we approach decision-making, emphasizing the importance of calculating time alongside financial costs.

#SaaSWatch Review Video: Partnero Affiliate and Referral Management Software

Technology, Published February 21, 2024
Kuva Media's #SaaSWatch with Sarah Parker, your go-to source for in-depth reviews of the latest and greatest in SaaS platforms. We're taking a close look at Partnero, an innovative affiliate membership program designed to help you unlock new levels of success in affiliate marketing.

Make Sure They Get the Message: Avoid This Critical Email Marketing Mistake (and The Spam Box)

Marketing, Published February 19, 2024
Learn why using your tools like Outlook or Gmail for your email marketing can permanently damage your domain's digital reputation with giants like Google, affecting your deliverability, and risking legal compliance issues. Discover safer, compliant, and more effective marketing tools to protect and enhance your email campaigns.
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When Will OpenAI's Sora Text-to-Video Be Available to the Public?

Technology, Published February 17, 2024
It won't be available to the public immediately. This article explains why, and where to look for news and updates ahead of Sora's release.
My 3d Illustration of Apple Macintosh 1984

"Hey, What Should We Use For The Group Chat?" A Guide to Facebook Messenger vs. Discord

Technology, Published January 23, 2024
Online group chats can be overwhelming to use and to manage. With platforms like Facebook Messenger and Discord offering different experiences, it's helpful to understand what each brings to the table. Here's a light breakdown to help you decide which might suit your group's needs best.
School Girl with Book in front of natural rustic red brick background holding book up to her face.

Effective Marketing to Native English Speakers: Addressing The Spread of Common Grammatical Errors in Digital and Web Content

Marketing, Published January 7, 2024
We're witnessing an intriguing phenomenon: the proliferation of standardized grammatical errors across social media and website templates. Learn how to mitigate it for better sales conversion, and trust, with your English-speaking target audience.

'Can I Pick Your Brain?' Is a No-Go: Showing Respect in Professional Interactions

Education & Development, Published January 2, 2024
Delve into the repellant psychology behind the phrase 'Can I Pick Your Brain?', and why it's time for a more respectful, direct, and mutually beneficial professional dialogue.
An architectural highlight: The Stuttgart library

When to Get a Second Brain

Education & Development, Published January 2, 2024
Reduce stress and cultivate intellectual prowess with a 'Second Brain.' Navigate information overload and enhance creativity and productivity.

Why High-Ticket and Niche Businesses Need to Move Beyond Demographics, with Psychographic Questions

Marketing, Published December 31, 2023
With the importance of psychographic data first posited in the 1960s, why do most SEO marketers and PPC advertisers still focus only on demographics, which produces limited results? Psychographics change the game.

The Nightshade Antidote: an Ethical Battle Within AI's Privacy and Copyright Wars

Technology, Published December 21, 2023
A gripping digital thriller novel... About real events, that affect real people, like you. Witness the high-stakes battle of wits and code between Nightshade, a tool designed to protect artists' rights by 'poisoning' AI against image misuse, and its daring countermeasure, the Antidote. Explore how this simply highlights broader ethical dilemmas and technological challenges in this exciting saga of AI, creativity, and the quest for digital sovereignty.